100% of U.S. Presidents Have Been Men.


More than 2/3 of elected offices are held by men.

You can fix this.

There are more than enough women who are qualified. Our country needs leadership, but not from more and different men.

I’m sure you have great ideas and a really solid resume. Your voice is MASSIVELY overrepresented.


Here is how.

I know, I know, you’re excited to get elected so you can enact your big vision! But just don’t.

Go work on a campaign for one of the brilliant, qualified, charismatic women who are running. Don’t even ask to get on the ticket, just do the quiet work.

Give your time, money, and energy in service of a vision that you believe in.

Do what so many women have done for so many years, and carry the weight of this work—without any of the credit.



“I honestly don’t know why so many people watch”

Beto O’Rourke  |  Washington Post sept 4,2018



We can do better. We’re already doing better! The field is filled with women who would be great presidents.

There are hundreds of women, some who have never even run for office yet, who would be better presidents than the guy we got now.

If you are a man who is in public office already, do better. Reproductive rights, including abortion access, and equal pay need your leadership.


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