Q. what is this?

A. He Should Not Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the gender gap in elected office by talking men out of running.


Q. why is this?

A. He Should Not Run is a call to men who are taking up too much space.

It’s been a long conversation—and we’re getting better—about how to bring more voices into elected office. The best way is to elect a more diverse set of leaders.

Do we need more LGBTQ leaders?
More leaders who are people of color?
More disabled folks and folks from working class backgrounds?
Absolutely! Yes!

Is it possible that a man might hold one (or more) of those identities?

An intersectional approach to dismantling the patriarchy, white supremacy, the whole darn kyriarchy, and beyond is required.


Q. who did this?

A. My name is David. I’m interested in how men are showing up in our democracy. I’ve spent most of my life with the benefit of folks thinking that I’m a dude. It feels like my responsibility to talk to men about this sort of thing.

To be clear, a lot of brilliant ladies, gentlemen, theydies, and gentlethems have helped a lot by thinking in public or by giving private feedback. They deserve a lot of the credit but none of the blame and are not listed here.

Q. when is this?

A. It’s April first! Happy holidays! Happy holy days!